Strawberry picking 

we spent some time at the farm near our house hand picking strawberries    

Funny baby



Claire and Diego  

Lego Piñata

Olivia has decided upon a Lego themed birthday party. Today we made her Lego piñata. I think it looks like a pig haha! In hind sight I should have used larger cups for the peg part of the Lego.







Karaoke Nights


Go pro

We haven’t done much with Adrian’s go pro, but I love this picture from Dash’s back.


Happy New Year!


We had an awesome night! Felix, Amanda, Natalia and Vince joined us to celebrate the new year! Amanda found a fun activity online about popping balloons every hour. Each balloon had a little activity to do. Jillian really enjoyed the countdown and then the popping of the balloons.

Claire made it to about 9:00 so she got the East Coast New Year’s celebration.

At one point in the night we had the girls playing video games and the adults played Cards Against Humanity, very fun! Haha I love that they made a game of how adults actually play Apples to Apples 😉

At midnight I gave the girls champagne flutes full of apple cider and they really enjoyed the cheers! They were off to bed soon after :) They crashed as soon as they hit the bed.

We stayed up watching YouTube clips. :) Then it was off to bed.

Thank you again to our friends who joined us to celebrate 2015!

Minecraft Monopoly by Jillian

After we played Monopoly Jr for the first time Jillian has been wanting to create her own Monopoly game. I purchased all the necessary materials and we started making her game board.

First she drafted the board game on paper and wrote out the rules.
We then transferred her ideas to the board and colored it. We made up a bunch of chance cards. Jillian wrote out most of them, it was really awesome to watch her writing sentences. She then drew out the playing pieces. She asked Adrian to make them in the 3D printer but this will do for now since we wanted to play soon.

We had a fun family game night playing Jillian’s Minecraft Monopoly.IMG_3218






Dash Back in Big Bear

My mom took Dash back up to Big Bear when they went the day after Christmas. He wanted to stay outside most of the time. Then when it was time to go home he refused to get into the car. Haha these are the pics she sent me.

“Dash wants to stay outside”

“The car is loaded and we’re ready to leave and Dash will not come!” haha this is a picture of Dash refusing to come when called because he knows he has to get into the car.

Merry Christmas!

The girls were so excited to see what Santa brought! Jillian received a big stuffed animal creeper, Olivia got the Lego Movie game, and Claire got a rocking horse.

Jason came over with his puppy Jango. He and Dash can puppy wrestle all day long haha.