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So strong

Alice is just an amazing little being! She is 2 1/2 months old but so alert and strong. Check out her head control!

Family Photos

This was not an easy task to get all 4 children in a photo together! 

Claire’s Soccer


The girls’ school had a STEAM fair and we were able to make it. It was great to see the awesome things the high school is doing  with engineering. There was even a baby owl visitor that Claire loved!


Alice’s first Halloween was a success! We hosted a party for the girls’ friends. It was so nice to have a big group to go out trick or treating with!! I loved this party so much, I hope to make it an annual thing! It worked out the best because the kids didn’t have school the next day thanks to parent teacher conferences, hopefully the school continues that choice of day!

Alice was a little pig

The big girls, to my dismay, wanted to be Pokemon again! I had to buy Jillian and Olivia’s jackets in adult extra small because only adult cosplayers purchase obscure pokemon character hoodies, haha!


Olivia’s Respect Award

Olivia was honored with the Respect Award for her class today. Her class voted and pick her as an example of Respect. So proud of her! I didn’t get any good pictures but I was glad I got to be there! 

Pumpkin City Pumpkin Patch

Tanaka Farms

I love the pumpkin patch. I love seeing all the different pumpkins and walking through the vines to find the perfect one! This year was a bit different because of Alice. I didn’t get to scour the field looking for the great carving pumpkin. She was not having it! Luckily I did two smart things for this trip. 1. We went right after school on early our day, a lot less people and 2. I brought my mom along. I did have an extra child as we brought one of Jillian’s friends with us. Thankfully my mom was there because Alice had a screaming fit and wanted to eat the minute we arrived. She mellowed our after eating and going on the wagon ride (it was super bumpy and she fell right asleep)

Holding Alice

6 weeks old

Thank goodness for extended maternity leave, there is no way I could leave this cutie just yet.