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Beacon Park Baby Shower

I can’t say it enough how much I love my Beacon Park family! They threw me a great little baby shower at Taco Rosa. I told them I wanted them to enjoy themselves as well so it was a happy hour baby shower! I got a lovley baby crown to wear 🙂 The staff was super generous and got me the new car seat that I wanted as well as some other really great items!

Mother’s Day

Today was not my favorite day. Claire decided to hide and not come out when called. I think she hid for a good 20 minutes while Adrian and I were panicking. She ended up being in her closet, laying down, under a blanket, under the hanging clothes. We looked in there so many times but never thought she would be laying flat on the ground under a blanket. Ugh such a heart attack! Then Jillian gave me a mother’s day card that read something like, I’m sorry I have been mad at you. WTF I didn’t even know she was mad at me… lovely. I’d been working a lot lately and I think that had something to do with it. After that we spent the rest of the day at my moms when really I would have just liked to crawl into bed and watch movies… maybe next year

It’s been a while!

It was so nice seeing my girl friends today! I also got to meet Katy’s fiance! Adrian couldn’t make it because he was on children duty and I really didn’t want to bring kids!

Teacher of the Year

Tonight I was honored as Beacon Park’s first ever Teacher of the Year! It has been such an amazing experience working along such fantastic educators and for them to pick me as teacher of the year was a truly spectacular honor! I LOVE my BP family!

Kevin Miller has been a fantastic teammate this year! He is so great that he was awarded one of 4 Teachers of Promise in our district! This award is only given to teachers in their first two years of teaching. Power duo over here!

Our absolutely fabulous principal!

My awesome staff

One Step Tea Party

My mom’s good friend Monica helps with an organization called One Step. It is a non-profit to help single mother’s get back on their feet. This was taken at the tea party fundraiser. 

CUE 2017

This year was a big one for me at CUE! I was a presenter!! I had 1 full session with my friend and then a 20 minute CUE tip. We had such a blast presenting!

100th day of school

IMG_0174We dressed up today at school for our first ever 100th day of school at Beacon Park!

Christmas Eve

It’s a busy time of the year, but I was able to remember to take one picture! haha


Teacher of the Year

I was so honored today by my staff. They have chosen me as their very first Teacher of the Year for Beacon Park. It has been such an adventure starting Beacon Park! I am surrounded by amazing teachers and administrators.