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Wonderspaces Museum

Today we took a trip down to San Diego to see our friends for a summer get together. Before we met up with everyone, Adrian and I took the girls to the wonderspaces museum This was such a great find. It was  pop-up museum, which is basically a museum set up in  a tent in a big open field. The art was all modern or computer based which was really interesting. The girls each got to try virtual reality and had fun just exploring the museum.


The girls love Snapchat! Here is a compilation of some of our favorites

Art Camp

The mall now has an amazing art place for the girls. It is a drop off art class that can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours! The girls loved it so much that we signed them up for the summer camp. This was their first day in camp and they had a blast! I was thrilled because they took all three! Not many camps will take 4 year olds! The girls did great, and the girls running the camp had nothing but good things to say about my three angels. haha 




National Ice Cream Day

I just found out this is a real thing that some ice cream places honor! Sub Zero, one of our favorite ice cream places was offering a buy one get one free sale on National Ice Cream day. We couldn’t pass it up! 

Snapchat fun

4th of July 2017

The Carnival came back again for the 4th of July. This year Jillian was tall enough for more rides. Poor Adrian had to go on the gravitron with her… it spins around and forces you against the sides. Adrian said he felt like he was having heart palpitations because of that ride…. not to mention the nausea!  Claire and Olivia stuck to the little rides but just watching them go in circles made me nauseous. Randomly, my brother Jason and his girlfriend Chloe showed up at the same time. Jillian was thrilled because Chloe was willing to take her on the Zipper.  Jillian was a champ during the ride, even though Chloe had to hang onto her or she would fall out of the seat. Then once Jillian got off the ride and saw me she broke down crying, she had all the feels! So much emotion from that ride. I thought she was brave just going on it! I would have never done that in a million years… haha even if I weren’t pregnant I wouldn’t go on that ride!

On the actual night of the 4th, Adrian set up the fire-pit in the front yard for smores. It was really nice to be able to offer smores to our neighbors! I love our neighborhood and I love that we can watch the fireworks from our front yard!


Kids are funny

Sleepover Birthday Party…. I must be crazy

I am almost in my third trimester of this pregnancy and I have agreed to let Jillian have a sleepover! Yes I am a little crazy! I kept the guest list small… even though Jillian invited an extra person not on the original list, it worked out because only 3 girls could show up. To top off my crazy, I caught a summer cold, yay me!  We set up the tent for the girls to sleep in. Overall the party was a success. Adrian only had to talk to them once about keeping the noise down. In the morning Adrian made pancakes for the girls and everyone was happy. I was exhausted but it turned out ok! One thing that this party did was remind us that we are going to have 4 girls! WOW!! Haha lots and lots of estrogen in this household.


I finally gave in and made slime with the girls. We went for “fluffy slime” which includes shaving cream. I also learned that not all glues are created equal, so even though Hobby Lobby put the glitter glue under the slime sign, doesn’t mean it would work! We used up all of our backup glue to get Jillian’s and Claire’s to turn out. Olivia didn’t want glitter and hers formed instantly. It’s funny because Jillian was the one asking for slime for months, and Olivia has been the one to play with it the most.