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Holy Cow, I Forgot!

So I recently registered for my classes. I forgot how expensive text books are! A few of my books were offered in e-book form. This gave me a reason to splurge on an e-book reader. Unfortunately when I took a closer look I found that only one book was on the Kindle, none of them were on the Nook, and these e-book readers are not cross platform compatible. Ugh! So then I looked through the school at the e-books maybe that form will be compatible with the Nook (I’m usually Barnes and Noble loyal).  It turns out that e-books through the school are only available during that semester and then they disappear, forever. Ummm NO THANK YOU. Sometimes I like to hang on to my books or better yet sell them back! Then I started to search for cheaper used copies of the books online. No such Luck!

1st book New $149  used $102 ebook $80  Kindle edition $26

2nd book New $44 used $34 Amazon $55

3rd book New$53 used $40  Amazon $57

I’ll be going through the CSUF bookstore for the 2nd and 3rd book, hopefully I’ll find it used.

The first book however was stumping me. I really did not want to pay so much money when the Kindle version was so cheap! We even looked into the Ipad, but is $500 worth it? It does support both Nook and Kindle, hmm. Then I found out that the Ipad is worthless in the sun. When I was in school before (and living at home) I would take my books to Salt Creek Beach and sit on the grass hill to study. Beach= Sun, uh oh!  It was still an option, and just a fun thing to own. My birthday is in 2 weeks after all. But $500 is a lot of money to spend!

Adrian found a Kindle app for my phone and a lightbulb went off! Kindle and Nook both have e-readers for PC’s and I have a tablet PC. Since the IPad’s screen is just like my PC it’s a perfect solution. Granted my laptop is a bit heavier than an Ipad, but it saves me $5o0. Now I get to buy my text book for $26. YAY super saver!!!

I have to admit the Kindle e-reader is pretty cool. I can change my font size, brightness, and background color (a select 3). My favorite feature is the highlighter and highlighter plus notes. I have yet to play with the Nook app but I can get some free e-books to play with soon.

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