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40 before 40

Today Adrian and I were talking about how much we have accomplished, really it stemmed from the random conversation of how crazy it is that this is our last child. We started talking about my 30 before 30 list, which at this point in my life is 100% complete! I think after my 30th b-day I only had 3 or 4 things left and I did them all! Not to bad by 33 (well, 34 in a week or so).

Anyways, we were talking about how currently we didn’t have any huge goals we were striving for. It was a bit depressing thinking that way, so we started thinking of things we would want in the next year, 5 years, and 10 years. Since my 30 before 30 list kept me accountable and motivated to actually complete things I thought it was time to get my next list going!! Although 40 items seems a bit daunting to even consider! I’m going to try! (PS. credit for the logo goes to

Here it goes:

  1. Get back to 140-145 weight range
  2. Be more mindful about eating the right foods
  3. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day
  4. Find and stick to a facial cleansing routine
  5. Wear sunscreen on my face every day
  6. Have professional photos taken of me and not the kids
  7. If I love teaching electives, get my art credential or CTE (Career Technical Education) credential
  8. Spend more time cooking at home rather than eating out
  9. Pay down credit debt (keep it at a reasonable number at least!)
  10. Get a kitten
  11. Get Adrian a new car that he will enjoy driving
  12. Start a 401K
  13. Update the front yard
  14. Remodel the backyard
  15. Re-carpet the house
  16. Take out the built ins
  17. Find a solution for our TV hole
  18. New paint for downstairs
  19. New floor for downstairs
  20. Update the fireplace
  21. Buy a new stove
  22. Reorganize the pantry
  23. Put up art/photos on the wall in a meaningful way
  24. Buy a new couch
  25. Tropical vacation without kids
  26. Take the girls somewhere new (out of California)
  27. Take the girls to Disney World in Florida
  28. Take the girls camping in a forest (maybe with a camper)
  29. Visit Portland
  30. Visit Seattle
  31. Visit New Orleans
  32. Visit the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, CA
  33. Take a Europe Trip with Adrian
  34. Take an East Coast Road Trip
  35. Make photo books for Alice’s first year
  36. Baptize Alice
  37. Potty Train Alice
  38. Invest in something big
  39. Take the girls on a west coast road trip
  40. Learn a new skill