Jillian’s First Month

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Our Glow Worm

Jillian was born with Jaundice. So for the first week of her life she was on the billi pads. We called her our little glow worm.

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Jillian Samantha Barnes has arrived

I had spent the afternoon at my staff’s end of the year party. I wasn’t feeling the greatest but I just thought it was because I was so tired. I had just started my maternity leave a few days prior and I was looking forward to resting for a couple weeks before the baby arrived. Well at the staff party, my principal had told me that I had a job the following year! (This was huge because the district was doing budget cuts). I think the release of stress from that event is what triggered Jillian’s arrival. I started having contractions at the party. I left early and called Adrian. On my drive home the contractions started getting stronger. When Adrian got home from work, we called the doctor, we were 3 weeks early after-all and this was our first! While waiting to hear back from the doctor we scrambled to put our hospital bag together, like I said before I thought I had 3 weeks to get prepared! The doctor had us come in to get checked since the contractions were getting closer together and stronger.

We got to the the hospital around 7pm, checked in and then we were sent to wait for an ultrasound, they wanted to check the amniotic fluid. All was good and the contractions continued to grow stronger. It was nothing like I’d experienced before! I was all for the epidural! Once that was in place all was well again, I became relaxed and a happier person. I even went to sleep.  In the morning, everything seemed to go quickly. When it was time, the nurse helped coach me to push, My mom and Adrian were there too and they were a great support! Jillian arrived an absolute perfect child!

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