Baby Barnes Update

After having a conversation with the doctor we’ve decided to be induced on February 2nd.  The doctor originally wanted to do it this Sunday but I needed the 2 extra days to wrap my mind around it.  I’m not too worried about the baby being here early because she’ll be 39 weeks and 2 days and a  baby is considered full term at 37 weeks. Jillian was born at 36 weeks 4 days and she was perfectly fine, well she did have Jaundice but that only lasted a week.

So I will go to the hospital at 7 am on Tuesday and the process will begin. I hope the labor doesn’t last too long. I was  in labor with Jillian 15 hours from the first contraction to the time she was born. So I’m crossing my fingers that this one will be less.

This morning I woke up having contractions!! They were not fun at all, they made me nauseous, it was hard to eat breakfast. I had 3 really painful ones but the last one was at 9:30am, they stopped after that. Luckily I had a Dr.’s appointment today. My mom drove me in case I had another one on the road. She said the contractions were the baby getting into position. She’s dropped a bit, and I’m starting to dilate. She doesn’t think the baby will come before the due date, so that means 2 1/2 weeks of contractions! Ugh!! After my appointment I took a bath and went to sleep. Thank God for my mom! She’s the best! I slept from 11:00am until 3:15 pm. It made me feel so much better!

Music Started Back Up

Jillian’s music class started back up today. We were super excited! She’s really come a long way, we started when she was 3 months old. She gets up and dances, claps and “sings” along.

Here is the link to our music class. It’s so much fun! Check it out!!!


The Aftermath

Today we were on tornado watch. Hahah which is really funny because we live in Southern California. It was the most rain I have ever seen around here! It was so loud that Jillian couldn’t nap! We stood at the window for a long time just watching the rain gush down. There was so much rain that it just looked as if the clouds were pouring out buckets of water. The rain only lasted about 20- 30 minutes and then it became beautiful outside. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the clouds were white. If I hadn’t had seen the rain I wouldn’t have believed it had rained with so much force.

When we went downstairs and looked out the backyard we found the evidence of the downpour. Our drains were clogged so the backyard was flooded. The grass area made it looked like we had a marsh in our backyard.

I put Jillian in her rain boots and let her loose. She had the time of her life splashing around. She eventually fell, which was inevitable, but she kept on playing. Once my mom got the drains cleared the water disappeared in minutes.

IMG_1737 IMG_1739 IMG_1740 IMG_1743 IMG_1747 IMG_1752 IMG_1759 IMG_1764 IMG_1769


So today I watched as Jillian practiced her tantrum. Haha! She crouches down to throw herself on the ground. Then she covers her face, says oww, and starts to fake cry. I wonder if she knows I’m watching.

Disneyland today!

Since our annual passes expire on the 27th I wanted to get at least one more trip in! I also still had $30 in Disney credit to use.  I loved that we got money on our birthdays last year!! This year Disney got wise and the only incentive for annual passholders with their new give a day get a day promotion is an all day fast track pass. No money 🙁  It’s okay though, we probably won’t be returning to Disneyland until the new baby is at least 6 months old.

This morning when I was getting ready I got another dose of third trimester problems. I couldn’t tie my shoes!!! I wanted to wear walking shoes to be comfortable but just putting them on was the hardest thing I’ve had to do in a while!!! I felt like a contortionist trying to find the best position to reach those darn laces. Ugh, no more laces until the baby comes!!!

It is amazing to me to see how much Jillian has grown. When we first started going to Disney she wasn’t quite aware what was going on. She like to look at the lights and that was about it. Now a year later she dances with the music, gets super excited to see Mickey Mouse, and loves to point out the animals and flying things in Small World.

Jillian loved the chicken coop in Mickey's House

Jillian just loved Mickey Mouse

Doctor’s Apt. Today

The baby flipped!!! YAY! She’s in the right position now and I’m super excited. Now it’s just a waiting game as to when she comes. The doctor is pretty sure that she wont come any earlier than the 7th.

For dinner tonight I attempted to make homemade tortillas. They weren’t bad for a first attempt. They were actually yummy! I would reccomend everyone trying it at least once 🙂 I’m sure I’ll try again! (one other reason being we had to buy shortening and there is a lot left over, hahah)

Here’s a link to the recipe blog I got it from, but really I think I need to ask someone who knows what they are doing and have them show me. If you are great at making tortillas e-mail me, I want to learn!!

Here’s a picture of my first attempt. Haha they don’t look pretty!

Mmm Tortillas


Jillian just loves when it rains. She loves going outside! She even has cute rain boots that are decorated with dogs! We played outside for a while. She had a blast.

So cute in her rain boots

She loved to make the rain drops fly off of the plants.

On another note… my baby book arrived today! It looks amazing! Here it is posted on my shutterfly page.

This was the first time I had a book printed at 12 x 12. I’m considering always printing this big. Everything looks vibrant and crisp!! The only problem I found is that the pages are glossy and so getting the baby’s foot print will be a little tricky. I think we’ll just bring nice paper and have the nurse stamp on that and I’ll glue it in later. Not a big deal at all 🙂 and it will still look amazing!

As much as I miss working I love having all this free time to work on creative projects!

Fake laugh

Today at dinner Jillian decided that feeding the dog was more fun than eating. She likes to tease Rocky by saying, “Up and down” while simultaneously moving her hand (and the food) up and down.

Well tonight she thought it was the funniest thing in the world. I think we fueled her by laughing too! She started to force her self to laugh. It was hard not to laugh along with her but I was a little worried about it. Sam, my little brother, created a fake laugh so much that I think it has become his real one! I want Jillian’s laugh to be natural not forced!!!

A date with the ducks

Today Jillian and I visited Adrian for lunch. Afterwards we stopped by the park that is home to tons of birds. There were so many  different types of birds. We saw different breeds of ducks, pigeons, geese, seagulls, and others I couldn’t name.:) There was even one there that looked like a turkey, HAHa, he was very ugly.

Jillian had a blast! She was running around yelling “duck, duck” and making the chirping movement with her hands. It was adorable, I wish I had it on film. I’m sure we’ll return because she had so much fun.

We had extra crackers in the car so we let Jillian feed the birds. Boy was she upset when we ran out!

Look how excited she got!

She kept coming back for more crackers

Hello Duck