Jillian loves to brush her teeth. She often runs to the bathroom saying teeth. However, she is only content when we smear the brush with her toothpaste. I think it’s candy to her haha. (Flouride Free toothpaste by the way). We broke out her new toothbrush today. She was very excited. Her Elmo brush was getting a little tattered. We have moved onto a Snoopy brush. She loves dogs, so it was okay to stray away from Elmo.

New Toy

We bought a digital SLR camera today!  We got a Canon Rebel XSI. I’m really excited!! I’m going to try to take a class at Saddleback so that I can master my camera. I’m hoping that this will solve my photographer issues.

I’ll post some pictures later. Right now we’re just playing with it.

Adventures in Digital Scrapbooking

I’ve been digitally scrapbooking now for almost a year 🙂 Yay me! Recently I’ve become more and more interested in making my own things rather than only using other people’s materials. Here is my first attempt in making a paper pack. If anyone out there is into Photoshop and using fun “paper” you are welcome to download my pack. It’s a freebie, whoo!


Photo Troubles!

I’ve had major photography bummers this week! First thing is my portrait studio Kiddi Kandids went bankrupt!!! I was super excited to get a portrait done with the girls. Now I have to search for a photographer that will give me a reasonable price! UGH!!! I don’t want to go back to Sears or JCPenny, I don’t like how their pictures always turn out. I also don’t like that professional photographers have a sitting fee on top of charging for pictures!! I can’t afford $200 just for someone to take pictures!

So i’ve been taking pictures myself but then my camera refused to turn on!!! I know it’s not my battery because I charged it 🙁 I made Adrian go out with me right away and buy a new one. Unfortunatly we bought a camera I HATE! I’ve always purchased Sony or Cannon but this time we went a little cheaper and bought a Nikon. It’s aweful! The pictures are either fuzzy, have lots of digital noise, or the color is all wrong. I’m so frustrated because I am missing precious pictures because of this camera!! Thank God we bought it at Costco and they’ll take anything back.

We were thinking about a Digital SLR camera but they are so big. I’m afraid I’ll spend all the money and never use it. Hmm maybe I should resurrect my 35mm Cannon Rebel from way back when. I think they still sell film haha. I even think Costco develops film still 🙂

We’re so spoiled in this digital age!!

Jillian’s latest book

Click here to view this photo book.

Oh what fun :)

Well we’re another week down! I loved having Adrian home this week. It was so great having him there to help with the little ones! We celebrated with friends on Saturday. It was great seeing everyone again, it had been awhile since we’d been able to see our friends. It was also fun showing off Olivia!!

Sunday was Valentine’s day! I spent the whole day with my 3 loves! Adrian let me sleep in while he took care of the girls. We went out to lunch and then walked around the Spectrum. It was very crowded but it was nice to be out of the house. We never got a double stroller so we were armed with two strollers 🙂  I was amazed that See’s candies was not crowded so we went in and hand picked a box of chocolates, YUM! Valentine’s day has evolved into something so different from our “couple” days. I’ll have to start thinking of fun family traditions to start with my girls, like making heart shaped pancakes or something like that.

Jillian caught a cold this week. This was not fun. She ultimately  passed it along to Adrian and me. It’s amazing that I went 9 months without getting sick, while others around me were, and one week after giving birth I get sick! I think it has something to do with being sleep deprived! Although Olivia is a great sleeper, at night I get 3-4 hours in between feedings!

We took the girls to the doctor’s office today. Olivia was having diarrhea and I was a little scared of dehydration. It turns out it may just be because I have been producing too much milk. She is up to 6 lbs 12 oz and looking very healthy.  The doctor also said that Jillian is fine, just congested. I have to spray saline drops in her nose and keep the humidifier on when she sleeps. I’m hoping she gets better soon. (I hope I get better soon too).

1 week down!

Today marks Olivia being one week old! We’re surviving pretty well since we have so much help! I’m going to hate it when Adrian returns to work on Monday.  Jillian seems pretty oblivious to the baby. She knows Olivia is a baby and she’ll give her kisses. She even helps throwing away baby diapers. Throwing things in the trash is one of Jillian’s favorite things. This morning Adrian caught her throwing my mom’s garlic press in the trash. We think this is where our TV remote ended up.

There was some bad timing on Jillian’s part. She caught a cold! She was up coughing all last night. It’s so sad when your baby gets sick and there isn’t much you can do besides offering comfort. She does really like it when we rub Vic’s on her chest. I’m hoping that since I am exclusively nursing Olivia, she won’t get sick. Adrian is a little bummed that he won’t get to take Jillian to music tomorrow. He misses seeing her interact in the music class.

Olivia Paige Barnes

We welcomed Olivia Paige Barnes to our family on February 2nd, 2010.

We arrived at the hospital at 7 AM for a scheduled induction.  My water was broken at 9 AM. The contractions started to become more and more intense so I was given the epidural. The epidural seemed to have worked because the contractions were not as intense however I still felt them a little. I just assumed that was normal, I don’t know what I was thinking because with Jillian I didn’t feel a thing! Well, as the contractions increased so did the pain. It became very apparent that the epidural wasn’t working right. I was pressing the button every 15 minutes or so to try to increase the pain meds, nothing worked. The anesthesiologist came back to give me a larger dose, this only worked on the left half of my body. The contractions became stronger and stronger. This was the most pain I had ever felt in my entire life. All these women who chose to do natural child birth are CRAZY! I can’t understand why someone would elect to have that much pain inflicted on themselves? My pain was apparently even too hard to watch, my mom had to leave.  The anesthesiologist came back in and re-inserted the epidural. Finally the contraction pain subsided. Unfortunately, the need to push came right away. This was almost as bad as the contractions themselves. The nurses had called my doctor; she had gone home for the day. It only took her about 15 minutes to arrive but it felt like a lifetime. When I was finally able to push, I was exhausted.  I had a hard time pushing. Olivia was born at 7:19 PM on February 2nd, 2010. When she came out her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. Fortunately once the cord was cut Olivia started crying, there was no damage done to her breathing. The doctor said that the wrapped cord is what made the pushing harder.  Just my luck!

Olivia was so alert right after birth; I got to look into her beautiful (slate grey) eyes. I can’t wait to see what her eye color will be J!  Olivia’s weight at birth was 6lbs 1oz. Her height was 18.5 inches. She is absolutely perfect! It was so neat to see the similarities between her and Jillian. When Olivia cried I could totally see Jillian. As the hours went by I noticed more and more all of Olivia’s individual beautiful traits. She was able to nurse right away; she is a very good eater.  Everything else went smoothly at the hospital.

On Thursday the nurse found that Olivia may have jaundice, but the pediatrician had already come by earlier and couldn’t come back to check. So we saw our doctor today. Everything is fine!! We were excited to not have to go through phototherapy like we did with Jillian.

Our first day back home went great! Jillian was super excited to have mommy and daddy home again! She gave Olivia a kiss and wanted to point out her eyes, nose, and mouth. It was very cute. I don’t think she is truly aware of what has happened. She has just been going about her business as usual. Which is great!! She does want Adrian more than me though; she’s become a Daddy’s Girl for sure!! I think it’s because he’s had to take over so much of the parenting duties during my pregnancy, and continues to do so still. I am so blessed that he is an amazing father and husband!

I’m trying to get as much rest as I can with having a newborn and a toddler in the house. Thank goodness I have such a strong support system here at home! My family is the absolute best!

Click on the picture below to visit our growing album of Olivia.

Olivia Paige Barnes