Memorial Day = Beach Day

We walked down to the beach today and spent some time in the sand!

John and Cerina

John and Cerina got married on Sunday! It was such a beautiful wedding. The bride looked absolutely stunning! Congrats to the both of them!

Sea World

We celebrated my father in law’s birthday at Sea World! We were really excited to take Jillian there. She’s really into fish right now.  Sea World is having a deal right now, buy a year pass get the second year free!! How could we pass that up, two visits and it’s paid for! (free parking too!!)

The first thing we did when we got there was see Shamu! Jillian absolutely loved it.

Watching Shamu




Jillian then got to check out the Star Fish and look at some fish in aquariums. It was so cute, she kept saying “look!” when a fish would swim buy. She’s become a parrot now. We have to watch what we say!

Jillian and Grandpa Barnes

Star Fish

More Star Fish

Jillian and Auntie Bre


We also saw the flamingos! They are interesting birds. We saw them doing some interesting things, haha but I’m going to keep this at a G rating!


Breanna fed the Sea Lions. They were really funny when they knew food was coming. She had to watch out for the birds however. They like to swoop in and steal the fish. At lunch there was a funny bird that was trying to steal our food. When ever Adrian tried to throw food to him, he missed. I think his beak was too narrow. He was kind of scary because he got so close. (I’m not a fan of birds)

Feeding the Sea Lion

Happy guy

Uncle Ryan and Jillian

The Bird Adrian and Bre were feeding

We tried to touch the dolphins but they never swam close enough. Here are some random pictures 🙂

Adrian and Olivia


Happy Baby

Me and Olivia

Sesame Street Live

We were so excited to take Jillian to see Sesame Street Live again! Jillian enjoyed it but is wasn’t the same as last year. It was more like watching TV to her. I think the difference may be the venue we were at. Last year in San Diego we were at the Sports center and the seating was different. We were in folding chairs with lots of aisles. The characters were able to move up and down the aisles. Kids were up and dancing last year. This year we were in Long Beach at the performing arts center. Since it was a theater there weren’t as many kids up and dancing. We did have front row seats though, which was great! We were up close to the characters.  We’re thinking of seeing Yo Gabba Gabba in November. We’re going to make sure that we go to San Diego.

Big Bird


Cookie monster

The Count

The Characters were fun to watch!

Adrian and the Girls

Jillian enjoying herself

Olivia hanging out

Looking at the fountain

The Family (Olivia is hiding in the carrier)

Double Stroller

So we caved! My mom bought us a double stroller for our morning walks. Unfortunately the front wheel started to act funny. I’m going to have to contact the manufacturer 🙁

our new double stroller

Shutterfly/Bunco Night

I was given the honor of being a Shutterfly House Party Host! I had a great time sharing all of my books with my friends and family! For hosting Shutterfly gave me and 10 guests a coupon for a free book and 12 free greeting cards. I need to create mine soon!

We also played Bunco! It was so much fun! I think everyone had a good time. I know I did! My mom and I are thinking of having another game in June.

Adrian had too much fun!

Sleepy Head


Beach Baby

We went to the beach to take some pictures the other day. Jillian had so much fun! She is fearless! I thought that she would get scared when the wave hit her, boy was I wrong! She ran straight into the water. Adrian was hanging back with Olivia. We had to swap places otherwise I would have lost my camera. Adrian and Jillian returned home soaked!


Looking at the Ocean

Cutie at the beach

So Happy

Sitting in the sand

Little feet

Adrian and Jillian in the waves


Fearless Jillian


Olivia is getting so darn cute! Here she is modeling my mom’s newest creation. She started making baby headbands. Let me know if you want to purchase one.

What a cutie pie!


My brother Jason’s girlfriend, Katie, made Jillian this amazing tutu! She wore it all day today! I even caught her dancing in it. I’m excited the time for dress up is  fast approaching.

Jillian tutu

Jillian in her TuTu