Bath time

What a cutie! She is starting to like taking baths now 🙂

I Need to update my header

So I have yet to redo my header since the arrival of Oliva. I feel bad every time I see it! At least she’s too young to be saddened by it haha. My goal it to have it done by the end of Summer. I start the Master’s program in the Fall and I probably will not have much free time between that and two babies.

Congratulations Breanna!

My sister in law graduated High School this Wednesday! We’re so proud of her and are excited about her heading off to college in the fall! YAY! The ceremony was nice… hot as usual. It never fails, June gloom hits like crazy around the beach, but every graduation I’ve been to has been the hottest day in June. Adrian and I were late getting the the school (of Course) so we didn’t have a seat. It turned out to be in our favor though. We sat along the wall below the bleachers. We were in the shade teh whole ceremony. When it came time to flood the field we were right by the opening. We found Bre right away … well I did anyways haha I turned around and in an instant Adrian and I were separated. Thank goodness for cell phones! We invited the family back to our place for a celebratory dinner. My mom is the best and made pasta for everyone and I made a graduation cap cake for Bre.

Giant Bubbles!

Here is a picture of a giant bubble!!!  Dont forget to check out our little video clip of Adrian blowing some giant bubbles 🙂

Happy Father’s Day!

Today was Adrian’s 3rd Father’s Day. Lucklily nothing Baby related happened today, haha. On his first father’s day we brought Jillian home from the hospital. On his second father’s day we found out about Olivia.

We started the day off in a great way! We had Crepes in San Clemente with our friends Mike and Jill. We then hung out at the beach. Mike helped Adrian surf. He even caught a wave! He was super stoked about this! He wants to go to Costco and buy a board. I guess we’ll have to put it into our budget in the near future. Jill stayed on the sand with me and the girls. She was such a big help with Jillian and I am so thankful that she was there!

After the beach we headed home and had a BBQ at my aunt’s house. I was nice spending time with my Dad and the rest of the family. MMMmmm we had some yummy food but the best part was both Jillian and Olivia were sleeping. It was the best being able to eat in peace! Our original plan was to go to Javier’s but we decided to take advantage of sleeping babies. We’ll hopefully plan a date night soon and have a nice meal there.

After Jillian woke up and ate dinner she just had to go in the water and since it was father’s day, I was nice to Adrian and took water duties, thankfully the jacuzzi was heated! After a nice bath we went to visit Adrian’s dad. Jillian had the time of her life playing with this toy hamster that was motorized. I love her little laugh!

No pictures from today sorry! My camera was left in my car at every event. oops!

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere

Jillian turned two!  I can’t believe it’s been two years. Time flys by so fast when you’re watching your children grow. To celebrte Jillian we threw  a  bubble party. There ws a bubble mchine, bubble wnds – large nd smll, and  lots of fun! Jillin had  a few friends but the guest list was mostly adults, but I think they enjoyed the bubbles more than the kids. Our friend Chris and his Fiance Lisa got us a giant bubble maker. We’ve been having so much fun with it! I think we go outside everyday now and make a giant bubble

Disneyland age 2

We visited Disneyland today. Thank you Uncle Paul and Aunt Tobi for getting us in! It was so much fun watching Jillian now that she is starting to be more verbal. We went on Finding Nemo, Dumbo, the carousel x2, and Small  World. We also waited in line for an hour to meet the princesses. Jillian met Jasmin, Aurora, and Cinderella. She could hardly contain her excitement when she saw Cinderella. We had to hold her so she wouldn’t jump the line and run to her. Overall it was a good trip. I can’t wait to get my pass back!



Sleeping Beauty


sleeping Beauties

K1 for Sam’s Birthday

We went to K1 indoor go cart track for Sam’s 12th birthday. Adrian, my brother Jason, and my Dad also joined in. They had so much fun… with only a few minor crashes. Jillian enjoyed watching the go-carts zoom by. She also loved to play on the winner’s podium.