Muffin Tin Monday

Today’s theme was all about numbers. I cut her PB&J sandwich into 123. Then she got numbered snacks. 1 chocolate graham cracker, 2 pretzel sticks, 3 pieces of PB&J sandwich, 4 Trader Joe’s Cheetos, 5 Goldfish, and 6 slices of avocado. She ate everything today (most of it was junk).

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth


Jillian was playing out in the backyard yesterday. She started to say “snake” over and over. I was a little worried, since she was out there alone. On a closer inspection of the “snake” I found a caterpillar. I brought out the magnifying glass so that we could look at it more closely. She had so much fun watching it inch it’s way into the grass.

Muffin Tin Monday

Today we did an ABC theme. As you can see Jillian was very hungry and didn’t wait for me to finish before devourering the A. This was her lunch, PBJ sandwiches and apples.


I made more eggs today too but scatter brained I forgot to take a picture. I used the bear, the fish, and the heart mold today. the bear was super cute and I am really bummed that I didn’t take a picture of it. I was amazed because Jillian actually ate the yolk!

Disneyland in the heat

We took the day as a family to visit Disneyland. We had a wonderful start to the day. Jillian got to go on Autopia for the first time, she’s tall enough now. She first went with Adrian. We got a ride swap pass so I was able to go on with her as well. We then rode the train around the park, Jillian loves trains right now so she had fun. We made our way over to New Orleans Square and sat down for lunch. It was super hot and we made sure we sat inside with the air conditioner. Lunch started out so fantastic. Both girls were sitting nicely in their high chairs. Jillian ate her lunch and Olivia played with her toys. Adrian and I even got to enjoy eating. Here are some pictures of lunch. While we were on the train it started to rain a little, it felt more like Florida weather than California weather. Adrian and I were talking about rainbows. At lunch Jillian looked out the window and said, “Double rainbow all the way.” Adrian and I couldn’t help but crack up. Adrian and Sam have been playing the Double Rainbow song all week long.


Things were going so great. I guess you could say it was the calm before the storm. I had just finished eating when Olivia began throwing up. Unfortunately it was not just spit up, it was full on projectile.  I whisked her away to the restroom to clean her up, it didn’t stop. My poor baby was not feeling well.

After a little while she stopped and we hoped she was all done. We were thinking it was her food from earlier.

The good old internet on our phones said it was a good idea to give her some Pedialite. Unfortunatly the nearest grocery store was not walking distance and we would have to load up the car to get it. We popped into the Baby Center on Main Street. If you ever have a baby need go there! They had bottles of Pedialite, baby food, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles, and formula. We did have to pay a nice price for the Pedialite but it sure beats leaving the park.

We traveled over to Fantasy land and Jillian saw  Princess Aurora’s Story time. Olivia slept during this.  Sadly however she started to throw up again. Adrian called the doctor while I took Jillian on Small World. The doctor called us back as we were leaving the park. The doctor was worried that it may have been heat exhaustion and told us to get to an urgent care center since all their appointment times were booked for the day.

Olivia was given a clean bill of health at the Urgi Care center. The doctor said that it may just have been too hot for her but it was nothing to worry about. We kept her on an all liquid diet that night just to be safe.

We ended up going back to Disneyland that night if you can believe it. haha. My aunt Tobi got us some reserved spots for the World of Color show in California Adventure. It was a spectacular show. Olivia slept the whole time in the stroller and Jillian clung to Adrian. I’m glad that we were able to see it with reserved seating.  I can’t see myself ever waiting for hours in line just to see it, but I guess that’s just me. As we were walking out we over heard a man talking with his family. He was saying that after two years of waiting he was disappointed. I couldn’t believe it haha, I thought it was an amazing show, but I went in without any expectations.

Olivia’s Baptism

We had a very nice baptism for Olivia this weekend. The church service was nice, not too long. Olivia and Jillian were both really well behaved. Olivia did not cry when the water was poured onto her head. The water was warm, so it was bath like.  Adrian and I got to the church early so that we could take advantage of the beautiful grounds without people everywhere. We got some cute pictures of Olivia in her gown.

Olivia's Godmother Sabrina

Ryan was chosen to read

Here are pictures of my cake 🙂 I love how it turned out. I’ve also inculuded a picture of my dirt cake. Mmmm it was yummy.

This was number 21 on my 30 Before Thirty list!

Muffin Tin Monday

Today we played with the egg molds! As you can tell they are not perfect by any means but they are pretty. Today I learned that brown eggs are not the best choice for  hard boiled eggs! They are not easy to peel. My second egg was awful to peel, most of the egg was wasted away with the shell. Since it wasn’t a whole egg the press did not work. I didn’t bother with the picture, it was just a hot mess! Jillian hasn’t been a big eater lately so today she only touched the eggs and the rice. At least she got some protein 🙂




Muffin Tin Monday

This week’s Muffin Tin Monday was really thrown together at the last minute. I was in LA that afternoon spending time with my friend Lacey. She bought me some awesome things to help with Muffin Tin Mondays. We found Japanese egg molds and a great book about cute bento boxes. I really wanted to use the egg mold right away but Jillian was hungry and wouldn’t have waited for me to boil an egg. I’ll be sure to use it soon and post about it!  For dinner she had some ham, cheese, apples and tofu.   Haha, you also may have noticed her lovely hair accessories. Jillian spent the day with Sick Daddy. I arrived home to find her hair covered in clips. Apparently she kept asking for more and more to be placed on her head.


This is a test from my Android phone.


I just downloaded the Android WordPress app. I’m testing it out to see how easily I can post things. Here isa picture of Jillian’s peanut butter playdough

Fun in the sun

We purchased a wading pool today. Jillian absolutely loves it! Olivia enjoyed it too! Jillian enjoyed her pool while going all natural, so I won’t be posting many pictures. Here are some internet safe ones of the girls.

Muffin Tin Monday and More

Today we tried out our new muffin cups. They are silicone and super cute. For dinner Jillian had chicken, Italian beans, yogurt with granola, and watermelon. 

Today Olivia tuned 6 months old! Bring on the baby food! We went to the doctors and found that she did not gain enough weight. She gets an extra helping of rice cereal. She did really well with her first feeding. She started off really loving the yams but then got bored haha. I had to stop, nurse her, then try again. Here are some pictures of her enjoying the yams.