Wordless Wednesday -New Rain Coat

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! On Christmas Eve we went to the Longo party. There are so many people it’s crazy! It is really neat to see everyone growing up. I’m one of the eldest great grandkids, so seeing all the little ones as teenagers is really fun.

Christmas morning was a blast. However, I think Jillian was overwhelmed. She didn’t quite know what to do. She became fixated on the candy in her stocking which is not a good thing at 8 AM.  Her favorite thing to play with was the wooden magnetic dress up dolls.

In the afternoon we wen’t over and spent some time with Adrian’s parents. Jillian gets so excited to go and see them. Olivia got a talking Elmo, which she loves!

Later in the day we had a very nice and mellow Christmas dinner at my Aunt Angie’s house. Jillian enjoyed decorating a Build-A-Bear box.

Boxing day was not the day I had anticipated it being. Adrian was lucky enough to receive an Xbox 360 from his parents, so naturally he had to find his games out in our playhouse/storage.  It turned out to be a huge project! We ended up having to reorganize a lot of the boxes out there. We also found that the playhouse door was not keeping the water out so most of the boxes on the front side of the house are wet. We’ll have to invest in some plastic bins to keep our items safe from water. We also got rid of a lot of things sending them off to good will.

Nona and the Girls

Great-Grandma Elyse, Nona, Papa, an Jillian

Nona, Papa, Jillian, and Olvia

Unwrapping Presents

Santa brought Jillian a Dyson

Nona showing Jillian how to vacuum

Cake Pops

I love to follow Bakerella’s blog. I’ve wanted to make cake pops for a while now and figure now was a good time. I decided to make snowmen for the holiday season.

Here is what they are supposed to look like:

and here is what mine look like:

They didn’t turn out too bad 🙂  They were super sweet however. A little sick to your stomach sweet haha. I made the inside with funfetti cake and vanilla frosting.

Gingerbread Houses

Our Gingerbread House party did not happen this year. My mom and I were just too busy to organize a day to have a party. So we made some last minute plans to make some Gingerbread Houses.

Jillian had a great time! I helped by spreading the frosting and she did the decorating part. My friend Sydney joined us for the first time and made a beautiful house!

Here are some pictures of Jillian’s house… ( I got to finish decorating mine during their naps later in the day, no picture was taken)

Wordless Wednesday

Wrapping Gifts

Jillian and I have been in a wrapping frenzy this holiday season. She just loves to help put the tape onto the presents.  One of my goals was to beautifully wrap a present. This is my attempt to do so. Haha I’m definitely not Martha Stewart but it’s not bad.

“I’m on top of a mountain”

On Saturday we took Jillian and Olivia to Big Bear. Olivia did a great job in the car for such a long trip! Jillian also did really well, we tried our hand at potty training last week. It started with the girls having a horrible diaper rash. We started putting Jillian in underwear and she was really good about going in the potty. We averaged about 1 accident a day, which is really good in the beginning! So our trip was very successful in that way, only 1 accident, and we laied out one of those dog pads on her carseat so everything worked out.

Jillian had a blast in the snow! She started throwing snowballs all on her own. She was so cute because she kept saying “I love snow” and “I’m on top of a mountain.”

Wall Art for the Girls

I’ve been wanting to get this checked off my list for sometime now! It’s on my 30 before Thirty list.  Costco has inexpensive canvas prints, an 8 x 10 canvas is only $30.

Here is what I drew in Adobe Illustrator on the computer:

And Here is what they look like hanging on the wall in their room:

Christmas Tree

Well it’s December and we picked up our tree on Friday.  Jillian and Olivia helped decorate the tree. Jillian loved putting the ornaments on and Olivia loved taking them off 🙂  Our tree is not the most beautiful one we’ve ever decorated but it is one of the most fun to decorate! It is so fun watching Jillian start to understand the Christmas traditions.