Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jillian and I spent the morning baking cupcakes to bring to Adrian’s work. Jillian also “signed” her name on some valentines to bring to the workers at the shop. She had a lot of fun passing out the valentines, even though she acted shy while doing so.

Our initial intention for this Valentine’s day was to bring Adrian a nice picnic lunch. However do to a jammed packed weekend we spent the morning scrambling to make cupcakes. So instead of a nice family picnic we had lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant with my parents as well.  During the evening Adrian and I took the girls to Ichibiri for a yummy dinner.

When the weather is nice

The girls love playing outside when the weather is nice! It’s been great since the dog is no longer here the girls can play in a poop free yard!

Bowling with Jillian

I recently joined a mommy and me bowling league. I don’t know what I expected but it has been the hardest thing ever! First off Jillian is the youngest member, the other 3 kids are 8, 10, and 11. Second it is during Jillian’s nap time which makes getting there, as well as dealing with a tired toddler, extremely hard. Adrian has taken over for me a couple times and has joined me a couple times too, it makes my life easier! There was one day we had to miss so our make up day fell on a Saturday during my brother and brother-in-law’s league family bowl day. This was a fantastic bowling session for Jillian! There was always someone new for her to bowl with and she had a blast. She bowled almost every one of her frames. Typically she’ll push the ball 20% of the time and the rest is just me throwing the ball for her.

Here are some pictures from that fun day!

Olivia’s Birthday Party

Olivia just turned 1! We had two celebrations for her this year. We had a family dinner on her actual dinner, complete with Cookie Monster and Elmo cupcakes. She was eyeing Cookie Monster all day, so she had a blast eating her cupcake. (It was super cute because she would go for the cookie without using her hands.)

On Saturday we had some friends come over to celebrate. For this party I made a ladybug cake. The cake itself was  neopolitan inspired, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cake. It was overly sweet but fun to make.

One of my 30 before Thirty goals was to create an awesome first birthday cake for Olivia. I think I’ve accomplished that 🙂

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Today my sweet baby turns one year old! This year has flown by at an incredible rate! It’s amazing to watch my girls grow. They are learning new things everyday. Olivia is cautiously learning how to walk, I keep thinking it will be any day now but she’s taking it slow. She is still really little, only 16.3 pounds. She should be 18 pounds so most likely the doctor will have us do bloodwork. My poor Olivia!

We’re not doing anything grand for her first birthday but I will be making a cake. I’ll post the pictures later!

1 day old

1 year old

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