Wordless Wednesday

San Diego Zoo

Today our good friends Felix and Amanda invited us with them to play at the zoo! The girls had a fun time! Jillian and Olivia fed the giraffes. It was cute watching them have so much fun. I forgot that a giraffe’s tongue was so long.  Jillian’s two main things that she wanted to see were the panda bears and a pink snake. The panda bear because of that viral video with the baby panda sneezing and the pink snake because Uncle Jason brought over a king snake the other day and she hasn’t stopped talking about how she wants a pink snake.  The panda bears were fun because they were both eating. We saw the pink snake at the end of our trip. I got to see my favorite animals, the elephants! The Elephant Odyssey was interesting because it also showed models of animals from California’s past. It was a long day for us, even though we were only there for four hours. The girls and I fell asleep on the drive home. When Jillian woke up she told my parents all about the animals.

matching outfits

Bear Hug

Feeding the Giraffes:

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Mother’s Day 2011

Saturday night Adrian and I celebrated a good friend’s birthday. We stayed the night in LA to avoid the long drive home. We had a fantastic time! It was also a great Mother’s Day gift being able to sleep through the night without babies waking me or Adrian up. It was also great being able to sleep in without the little ones running in and out of the room. Adrian and I stopped for a quiet breakfast before heading home. It’s amazing how a little bit of quit time away from the girls can be so rejuvenating. Haha two children under the age of three can be a bit exhausting at times. We arrived home to everyone out back gardening. My brother Jason’s gift to our mom was working on her garden. I think this was a great gift idea since he is so good with the garden! After lunch Jillian and I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Red Velvet has never been a favorite of mine but I knew Jillian would get a kick out of the batter/cupcakes being red. Once those were cooked, cooled and frosted we went to visit Adrian’s mom. We then headed over to the mall to get my mother’s day gift!! I’m getting a Mac Book Air, I know crossing over to the other side, haha. I plan on being a firm PC believer with knowledge of how to operate a Mac haha. I don’t think I’ll be a true convert because I’ve been a PC user for so long, and I’ve had some horrible school Mac experiences! Anyways, haha, we came to found that the Mac Book Air that we wanted to buy is not carried in the store. So my excitement balloon was deflated, but we did order it as soon as we got home from dinner, which was at our favorite sushi restaurant.  OH! My other mother’s day gift was a handpicked by Jillian, bouquet of flowers! It was very sweet. Adrian said that she was the cutest thing to watch while she was picking out the flowers. (Yes, most of them were pink. haha she’s such a girl).

My Beautiful Handpicked Flowers:

Making Cupcakes (eating the batter)

Washing the Dishes

Decorated Cupcakes

Garden Girls

In full spirit of spring, my mom took the girls out in the back for a bit of gardening. They both loved digging in the dirt. Olivia loves picking flowers, we may not have many flowers left if she keeps at it.

Here are some pictures of the girls gardening.

Wordless Wednesday