Wordless Wednesday – Pirate Dress-up

Swimming Lessons

My mom has been taking Jillian to swimming lessons this summer. Jillian has good days and bad days. It sounds like it switches each week. Last week (when this picture was taken) was her best day yet. She listened to directions and swam like a champ. This week however, she cried from the minute she touched the water to the second she got out. Who knows what’s going on in her little head, she doesn’t tell us what’s wrong.

This week we’ve also been having nigh time issues. She’s been having a tantrum every night, not wanting to go to sleep. Then she wakes up multiple times during the night, I just don’t know what’s going on with her this week, hopefully next week will be better.


I don’t remember if I ever wrote about Bear on the blog.

On June 18th, we won Bear at an auction for my mom’s cousin’s daughter (What’s the term for that haha, second cousin?)

Anyways, Bear was purchased with the intent of giving him to our neighbor who was looking for a dog at the time. Well after one look I was in love with the 9 week old puppy, I mean just look at how cute he was!

The girls absolutely adored him, well I should say Olivia absolutely adored him, Jillian could take him or leave him.  Those first two weeks were like a dream, he slept all day with the occasional waking to play, eat, and poop. Some nights were good, other nights he whined… he was definitely our third child. He was slowly getting the hang of potty training and we were excited how quickly he was learning.

Then July came around and I started teaching at UCI with the young writers program. I was gone all day, leaving my mom to watch the girls and work with Bear. It was ok at the time because I was only going to be working for 3 weeks then I could get more involved with puppy training. Well one week into teaching and I was offered a job at a year round school.

Fast forward to August and my poor mother is doing all of the babysitting and puppy training. She managed to potty train him and began working on the behavior issues like biting, jumping, digging, barking, chewing, etc. It became too much for all of us, and it wasn’t fair to Bear. We just didn’t have the time he deserved.

We ultimately decided that we needed to give him to his original intended owner. She lives 3 doors down from us and doesn’t have any kids. She is an interior decorator who I believe works mostly from home.  She was thrilled when we asked if she was still interested in the dog.

We called her a few days later to check on her and she is in absolute heaven. We’re so excited that Bear (who is now called Bentley) has the home he deserves to be in. He gets round the clock attention and love, which is something that we just were not able to give.


Rain in July?

On the last weekend of July the weather decided to change. 🙂

The girls absolutely loved dressing up in their rain gear and heading for an afternoon of splashing in puddles and catching raindrops on their tongues. Adrian and I missed this event because we were spending the weekend in San Diego. My mom messaged me these pictures, I love that we have the technology to receive a picture of a moment in time while we are far away.


Wordless Wednesday – Pure Happiness

Disneyland 8/9/11