Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday


Mattress Mountain Climbing

Here are two videos Adrian took before we put the girls big bed together.

Jillian’s First Day of Preschool!!!

I can’t believe this day has come already. Jillian is so excited, and so am I. I’m looking forward to hearing all the new songs she’s going to learn and seeing all of the little projects she will be bringing home.

Adrian and I got to go with Jillian in the morning for a meet and greet with the parents. haha for some reason I was thinking it was going to be like Kindergarten where the teacher gives a back to school spiel on the first day of school. It was simply a look around the class and meet the teacher. Jillian is very confident so Adrian and I decided we could leave early. We  told Jillian that we were going to leave and she got a sad look on her face. We explained that we had to go to work and she knew what that meant, so she was happy joining the other kids playing in the block area. We said goodbye and she was fine 🙂 No tears from anyone!!

When I got home from work Jillian told me all about preschool. They sang wheels on the bus and colored. I think she’s super happy about going to school!



This is the artwork she brought home.


Power Out

Our home was included in the large blackout that included San Diego and Parts of Arizona. Adrian met me at work that afternoon since I was working late, he told me about the power out and I called my mom. She had us pick up ice in Irvine because she had just gone to Costco that morning and had a fridge full of food. Driving home was annoying because all of the street lights were completely out, so people were a little crazy on the road.

My aunt, uncle and cousin were over when we arrived at home. It was a nice family dinner by candlelight 🙂 Adrian and I had also purchased a starter log and a bundle of firewood. After dinner we had a very nice bonfire. Jillian didn’t care for the cooked marshmallows because they were not perfect in color, especially if the marshmallow caught on fire.  It was getting late so I put Olivia to bed, Jillian had fallen asleep in my aunts arms.

Getting myself to sleep was really tough, I usually listen to an audio book or watch a movie to help shut off my mind before heading to bed. I also didn’t have any books to read at this time, I guess I could have read Beowulf in preparation for teaching it to my class, but eww, not what I wanted to read right before sleeping.  I had a rough day at work and my mind would not shut off, thankfully my laptop had about an hours worth of power, the unfortunate part was our server was down so I couldn’t access all of our movies. So I watched Aladdin, it was the only thing on my laptop. (No DVD drive on my laptop)

The power went back on and life resumed as normal.  It makes you think about how prepared would we be in a larger scaled emergency.

Even without power, we are still connected 🙂

Big Girl Bed

The girls have always had trouble sleeping by themselves. One night we stuck Jillian in the crib with Olivia and they slept through the night. We then progressed to putting their mattresses on the floor. This was great, until Jillian rolled off of the mattress and right under the nearby crib.  We decided to remove Olivia’s crib and turn Jillian’s toddler bed into the full size bed (we bought  a convertible crib). After doing some research looking for the parts to change it into a bed, I found that the company had gone out of business. Only one website was selling the side railings for about $150, which was more than we wanted to spend on two pieces of wood.  We found some side rails  for $50 and all Adrian would have to do is drill some holes, yay saving money!

Anyways, The girls love their bed! They love sleeping next to each other, they both slept through the night from 8:30PM until 7:30AM. Unfortunately, for me I had a huge headache all night and had a hard time sleeping, so much for a restful night!  Since we made it a big bed we’ve had many nights where they sleep all the way through! The few times they woke up were for teething or needing to use the restroom.