Master’s Graduation

I finished my Master’s Program this past December. It was a huge accomplishment and I was very proud of my work, so yesterday I walked in the graduation ceremony. It was long as graduations typically are but it felt great to walk up there and be recognized. It was also fun to see my cohort in person since I was in an online program. The student speaker was great. He talked about changing your life and changing your world. I’m not sure if I’m ready to takle the world yet but I have changed quite a bit this year in my profession. I’ve gained more confidence in my teaching and in working with my colleagues. Next stop… doctorate?? hmm I’ll need some time to think about that one. haha I need a break from writing papers for a while.

Here I am being hooded by Dr. Norman 🙂

And the Family 🙂 (The girls were done at this point and ready to go, so our choices of photos were very limited)


Wordless Wednesday

Spring is in the Air

Today we were looking for an outing to keep us out of the house. Our Disneyland passes were blocked today, I was also sad to find that every Saturday until September is blocked!

I  located The Monarch Program  It is a fabulous place!! When we arrived we were greeted by the butterfly lady who walked us through the education behind butterflies. She showed the girls the different types of butterflies they will be seeing. She explained the migration patterns of the Monarchs as well as showed them live caterpillars. She then showed  a video walking us through the life cycle of a butterfly. After the video she took us out to the butterfly house. It was amazing to see all the butterflies flying around. We were able to hold butterflies (sitting on watermelons). We arrived about 30 minutes prior to their closing time and the lady said that the butterflies tend to settle down when it is cloudy, so there weren’t as many fluttering around as usual. Still there were plenty for us to see. Olivia kept saying, “I’m so happy.” We will definitely be making more trips down to the butterfly house!

After our butterfly adventure we were looking for something else. I remembered that Carlsbad had a great flower garden I’ve always wanted to see. So we stopped at The Flower Fields.

I was a beautiful sight! (A bit over priced in my opinion) This is a great place for photos, unfortunately the girls were not very cooperative. Their favorite activity was the Sweet Pea maze. They had so much fun running around in the maze. Adrian and I were done, so we gently showed them the way out. It was a nice place to visit but I don’t think it will be on my “return with the kids” list.  Maybe when they are old enough to sit still for a photo.