Caramel Apples in the Summer

During the heat wave, Jillian and I decided to make caramel apples for the first time. Haha needless to say it was quite hot in the kitchen. Our caramel apples did not turn out the greatest, haha I kinda made everything up as I went and the caramel was just too hard. Oh well, haha, it was an experience!


Beach Day!

Working full time doesn’t always give me time to get out with the girls. Luckily the weather has been very nice on the weekends 🙂

New York!

The family and I (minus the girls) took a trip to New York for the week of Fourth of July! It was fantastic! We definitely classified this as a trip, not a vacation! We were non stop moving from morning to night.  Our hotel was located in the heart of Times Square which was so much fun!  We saw everything on the “tourest to do list” haha. It was a jammed packed week!

My good friend Lacey was also inNew York, studying at the Teacher’s College of Columbia, (She’s getting her second Master’s!!!) She was the reason this trip was put into motion. Adrian and I met up with Lacey for the fireworks show. Unfortunately, we were directed in the wrong direction and we ended up smooshed between two large buildings with a very limited view of the fireworks. It was so ridiculously hot due to it being summer and the fact that we were packed like sardines! It’s still fun to say that we were in New York on the Fourth of July!

Off we go!

 View from our hotel

Exploring the city: Central Park  

Museum Day

Subway Adventures

Little Italy

China Town

911 Memorial

Fourth of July Fireworks

More Subway Adventures

Statue of Liberty/Elis Island

Empire State Building

Best Korean Lunch!

Heading back home