I took an impromptu trip to Disneyland with the girls. I did not pick the best day since it was extremely hot! haha I also had an insane notion that I wouldn’t need  a stroller. haha I parked in Downtown Disney, we hopped on the monorail, and headed to small world. Then the return trip back to the car. In the heat, by myself, was not a good idea!

haha at least the girls had a good time!!

Here we are in the very front of the monorail.

Space Shuttle Endeavour

The Endeavour Space Shuttle was being transported to its resting place in LA. The space shuttle was able to be seen around Southern California. Since I was at school, my mom took the girls to see Adrian at work.  They were able to see the Endeavour being flown by! This was so great for Jillian because she says that she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. 🙂  We just happen to have these great astronaut helmets. I bought these a few weeks back… Jillian was scaring me by putting a plastic bag over her stuft animals saying it was it’s space helmet. I decided it was time to buy one for her so that a plastic bag never becomes hers or Olivia’s helmet.



This picture was taken at dinner that night. Olivia was demonstrating how the space shuttle piggy-backed on the larger airplane 🙂


Miniature Golf

We decided that a game of miniature golf was in order. It was great because Felix and Amanda were in town and willing to join us. Adrian and I were thankful that they were there! The girls had a blast! We had them travel ahead of us so we were all  able to enjoy playing!

Back to School!

Jillian was so very excited to return to school!

The very first day was a “get to know you” day. The parents and students were able to “play” in the classroom for an hour. I was bummed I missed her first day, but I’ll get to take her once I’m on my Fall break.

Here she is on her first official day of the school year.

Beach Day- Labor Day

Adrian, the girls and I traveled down to San Diego on Labor Day. We met up with our friends Felix and Amanda and spent a fun day in the sun!