New Years Eve 2012

This year we decided to take it easy on New Year’s Eve. My uncle Paul and my cousin Gianna have been taking Aerial lessons for the past year. They were preforming on New Year’s Eve at the Great Park. This was a perfect event for our low key New Year’s because the event was over by 9pm.  Olivia has had a cold for the past few weeks, and this evening was very cold, so we left her at home with my parents. It was kind of fun just going out with Jillian, we don’t do it very often.

The show was amazing! It made me consider taking lessons after the baby is born. Their upper body strength was incredible.

After the event we headed home and had a really low key night at home 🙂

IMG_1577 IMG_1579 IMG_1578

Balloon Friends

My mom and I took the girls shopping at South Coast Plaza. My mom bought the girls these balloon animals. Jillian picked a penguin and Olivia picked a dog. I would have never thought that they would have played with these things as much as they do! The penguin’s name is Gork and the dog’s name is Spotty. 🙂 IMG_1574 IMG_1571 IMG_1576

It’s A Girl!

Even though this pregnancy has been drastically different, we are expecting another girl!

(I had much more morning sickness this time and I crave salty things rather than sweet things)

girl IMG_1549 IMG_1548

Christmas Success

The girls had a wonderful Christmas! I loved watching them get excited about everything they received! Their favorite gifts came from Santa: Dreamlights and Disney stuffed animals.

Santa also brought Jillian a bike and Olivia a Lego table. These were second string to the Dreamlights haha.

Olivia was super cute when emptying her stocking. She kept repeating, “I got everything!” hahaha. So Cute!!

IMG_1538 IMG_1541 IMG_1537 IMG_1539 IMG_1544

Christmas Eve Cupcakes

One of my favorite parents from my classroom gave me an adorable cupcake set from Williams-Sonoma. The girls and I spent Christmas Eve decorating cupcakes 🙂

IMG_1529 IMG_1530 IMG_1527 IMG_1526 IMG_1528


Living near the beach makes me a bit spoiled when it comes to weather. Haha I was shocked this morning when I walked out to find ice on my car! I can’t even imagine having to deal with snow in the morning while trying to get to work! I am very thankful for where I live!!!


My Girls

dsc_7323_#1 dsc_7343_0_#1 dsc_7353_0 dsc_7353_4 dsc_7368_0



Gingerbread Houses

Every year we have a Gingerbread House party. We invite our close friends to decorate Gingerbread Houses using milk cartons and graham crackers. Jillian was excited to invite her friends from school. She talked about the party all week long.

She enjoyed seeing everyone’s houses 🙂


This was mine.



Here is Jillian’s. IMG_1425


Here is Olivia’sIMG_1426

My Fabulous Husband

I had been a bit stressed at work lately. I was dealing with issues that come along with working in elementary school in a high socio-economic area… a little bit of crazy. Adrian sent flowers to my work. I was so touched that he thought of something so nice to cheer me up! Adrian never sends flowers, so this was a fabulous treat for me!!