I’ve joined the Mini-Van club!!!

With our third bundle of joy due in just a few months, Adrian and I have been looking at larger vehicles. The search started when we first found out I was pregnant. I had high expectations for our search and we narrowed our top three picks to the Volvo XC90, Honda Odyssey, and Volkswagon Routan. After the test drive we completely ruled out the Volvo. I would hate to drive that thing on a regular basis. So we then focused our conversations on the mini-vans. It’s so funny that younger us said that we would never in a million years drive a mini-van. They are just too perfect for a growing family, so I told my younger self to suck it up and deal with it. hahaha.

Ultimately we decided to go with quality and a more probable longer lasting car. We chose the Honda Odyssey. I absolutely LOVE it! The automatic doors and trunk are amazing! Adrian has some gripes about it but no car is perfect 😉 We traded in the Lexus and are going to privately sell the Subrau, so if you know anyone who is interested E-mail Adrian!

After having the car for one day we were appalled by Jillian kicking the seat haha, so I spent my entire Saturday evening while Adrian was away and made back of the seat organizers.  I made a purple one for Olivia and a pink one for Jillian. Adrian and I opted out of the mini-van entertainment system since we have an iPad. So I made an iPad insert into their organizers for long drives to watch movies on. I then made learning cards that would go into the pocket when the iPad is not there. I made an ABC chart, a hundred’s chart, and a car I Spy game. The girls love the I Spy game, they call it their “discovery card”.



My crazy chicken scratch of measurements 🙂


Olivia is Three!

I can’t believe how fast time flies. Olivia is now three years old!


Since Olivia doesn’t do well being the center of attention, Adrian and I thought it would be best just to do something with the four of us.  Olivia wanted to go to the zoo so that was our plan for the day!

It turned out Adrian was going to a concert in San Diego the night before, so I booked us a hotel in Downtown and it was the best decision ever. The morning was so smooth. It was so nice being so close to the zoo! We were on a bit of a time frame since feeding the giraffes was a must do, and they only eat between 12 and 1 with tickets being sold at 11 am.

We had a nice day wandering around the zoo! Olivia’s favorite were the giraffes and Jillian’s favorite were the zebras. I didn’t realize the amount of walking we did until the next day when my calves were incredibly sore.

Once we got home Jillian and I made Olivia’s purple cake. Adrian’s parents came over and we had a nice pasta dinner for Olivia.

Over all it was a very nice, low-key birthday!

hotel room

Olivia cutie



Olivia is three

polar bears












cake time