St. Patrick’s Day Bike Ride

The girls were so excited about St. Patrick’s Day! We made green pancakes for breakfast. I attempted to make clover shaped ones… didn’t turn out exactly how I anticipated, but the girls didn’t mind.

IMG_1996 IMG_1998

After breakfast we went for a bike ride at the park. Jillian is working on riding a bike with training wheels. She’s terrified of falling so she doesn’t move very fast, which hinders her ability to really move on the bike. Olivia threw a huge fit when we said she was going to ride her tricycle. She didn’t want to wear a helmet. Once she saw how much fun Adrian and Jillian were having she was ready to wear her helmet.

I think Jillian will be on training wheels for a while until she builds up more confidence.

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Snow Day!

We finally made it up to Big Bear for this winter season! We were so happy that the snow actually stuck to the ground for a weekend. We drove up Saturday night and played all morning on Sunday. The girls had so much fun! Adrian had fun too 🙂 Our snowman didn’t work out this year but we still had fun trying.

Daddy Sled Jillian snow Jillian Snowball Olivia and Daddy Sled Olivia Snowball Playing in the snow sledding