Jillian’s 5th Birthday

Five years! Wow! We are so blessed to have such an amazing little girl. Jillian is truly a special person. She is a very sensitive little girl who is amazingly affectionate and full of wonder and creativity. I love indulging her during her favorite time of the year, her birthday!  This year has been the hardest to throw a birthday party considering Claire is barely two weeks old. We tried to talk Jillian into just going to Disneyland or somewhere equally fun, but nope, she had to have a party 🙂

So we decided to have the family come over for dinner on her actual birthday and then invite the preschoolers over for a Saturday party. Well the Family dinner kept growing, haha. The family list kept growing… it was really more of a dinner party for most of my mom’s friends 🙂 It was a really nice night! I really enjoyed having a Baby Break, haha, I think the only times I had Claire was when I was feeding her. The hardest part of that party was the prep! Claire was a bit cranky while I was trying to make a cake! The girls were also having sharing/playing nice issues and there was quite a bit of screaming and crying.

The Saturday preschool party was great… not many RSVPs… but the kids that showed up were really nice kids! We had a total of 7 kids plus 3 siblings. They all had a blast playing the backyard. The theme this year was ice cream, though no ice cream was actually served at the party. I made these fantastic cupcakes inside ice cream cones, thank you Pinterest! Unfortunately  Pinterest didn’t tell me that I shouldn’t make the cake ahead of time! All of the cones became soggy and fell over! My mom, thankfully, is amazing and ran to the store and picked up a cake. The party was a success and Jillian was super happy 🙂

Here are pictures from Thursday and Saturday 🙂 Check out my polka dot cake!!

_MG_2743 _MG_2745 _MG_2746 _MG_2748 _MG_2750 _MG_2752 _MG_2759 _MG_2764 _MG_2781


Ice Cream Party 🙂_MG_2846 _MG_2847 _MG_2851

They lined up for the piñata by themselves 🙂 SO CUTE!_MG_2855 _MG_2856 _MG_2860 _MG_2862 _MG_2872

Happy Father’s Day!

Adrian is an AMAZING father to our girls! He is so patient and loving. He does so much for the girls and me. This father’s day was an easy one to shop for! Adrian has recently become really into golfing. So the girls and I got him a bunch of golf items including a Swingtip . It is this device that you place on your golf club and it sends data to your phone. It is perfect for Adrian, golf and data!

I couldn’t think of anything to get for my dad, so I made a photo collage of the girls for him to take to work. It turned out cute 🙂


Today we have just been hainging out around the house… things are a little more difficult with a two week old 🙂  I convinced Adrian that it is ok if he goes golfing today for Father’s Day. I told him if I had a choice I would probably spend Mother’s Day at a spa!  So he’s golfing today and then we’ll attempt to eat at his favorite restaurant tonight! haha attempt because of Claire.

Wordless Wednesday

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Jillian’s First Ballet Recital

This year my mom signed Jillian up for ballet lessons. It has really helped with her motor skills 🙂 Her cartwheels have greatly improved! Jillian’s recital was super cute! It’s fun watching her on stage. Unfortunately because of my school’s schedule, Jillian will not be able to continue with ballet. (time conflicts). So this will be her one and only ballet recital for some time. If she asks to join again I’ll look for a class that fits our schedule.

_MG_2493 _MG_2494 _MG_2499 _MG_2500 _MG_2501 _MG_2503

_MG_2546-Edit _MG_2563-Edit _MG_2574-Edit _MG_2596-Edit _MG_2603-Edit _MG_2614-Edit _MG_2620-Edit

Jillian’s Ballet Recital from Sarah Barnes on Vimeo.

Jillian’s Last Year of Preschool

Today Jillian received her award for completing preschool!  It’s still hard to believe that she will be five on the 13th and will start Kindergarten in July! (She’s coming with me to my year round school)

Everyone tells you to cherish the time because it goes fast, and it truly does! Some days it may not seem like it because the kids challenge your patience but it is important to cherish those happy moments that make you proudly smile at your kids!

Jillian is so full of wonder and creativity! I cannot wait to see what she can accomplish as she grows up. My goal is to foster her creativity and curiosity and hope that it continues to grow inside her.

preschool_2013 preschool_2013_1 preschool_2013_2

preschool_2013_3 preschool_2013_4

Wordless Wednesday

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5 days old

Felix and Claire Felix and Claire 2 Daddy and Claire Mirror shot Claire Claire2