First day of Kindergarten

I cannot believe that my first born began Kindergarten today! She was so excited to start! I love having her at my school! When I tucked her in bed she said, “Mommy, Mrs. Anderson is the best teacher!” It just melted my heart!! She loves school so much and I couldn’t be happier!

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My classroom is facing the kindergarten room, so I always get to say hello to Jillian before she begins class!


Claire’s Photo Book

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6 Week Portraits

It’s hard to believe that Claire is already 6 weeks old! (Which sadly means I return to work in 2 weeks)

Portrait day was difficult to get through, we’re lucky we got some great shots!! Claire has been colicky for the past 3 weeks. I think it has a lot to do with her digestive system. I’ve been trying probiotics and they seem to be helping 🙂 Hopefully all will be well by the time I return to school.

CLaire_01 Claire_02 Claire_04 Claire_05 Collage JIllianOlivia01 JillianOlivia02 JillianOlivia03 JillianPortal mom-and-claire Sisters

Growing up!


The girls made their own peanut butter sandwiches today! They were so excited, Jillian said that she wants to make hers every time now 🙂

One Month To Go…

My 30th birthday is just one month away! I’m not freaking out about this birthday even though it’s a big one 🙂  I think it is because Adrian has been 30 for a while and I always just consider us being the same age. So mentally I have been 30 for a year and a half now, haha!

Back in July of 2010 I created a 30 before Thirty list.

I accomplished 27 out of 30 on my list! I’m very proud of myself!

My absolute favorite accomplished goal:  #27. Baby number 3  Claire!!!

Other favorites:

#3. Master’s Degree

#4. Stable teaching job

#26. Make Sushi


What is left:

#5. Save money for a house

This past school year was my first time back as a full time teacher so money has been tight since 2010. We tried, we really did, but there is not a house in our near future. I’m hoping within the next two years we can save up the money!

#17. Stop going to work on the weekends

Last year was a little difficult for me. I really felt as if I was drowning in paper work and prep work. This year my goal is to reduce the amount of paper work that is being done in the classroom. I am planning on creating math centers that require less grading from me. I am also planning on using the tech that is available to me. My principal supports my use of tech so I’m confident that my choices will benefit my students. (I do have a Master’s in Educational Technology after all). I’m also planning on putting as many tests on Schoolnet as possible (our learning management system). This should reduce the amount o grading that I have to do. I need to work smarter not harder this year!

#24. Apple or Cherry Picking

This one was tricky because of  the seasonal requirements of the fruit. The one weekend we had planned on Apple picking was unbearably hot and we did not want to travel so far to walk around in the heat. The cherry season always fell when we had too many weekend plans. This year we had Claire so it is out of the question right now 🙂  Maybe we’ll get it in this year…. but it will be done at least once! It is an experience my girls need!