Soccer game #3

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Soccer Game #2

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Olivia is in preschool now!

I cannot believe that Olivia is old enough to start preschool. She was extremely nervous to begin school. She’d been having tons of accidents in the weeks leading up to the start of school. We finally figured out that the root of the accidents were because she was scared to go to school.

Luckily the first day of school was just an hour long meet and greet. I took a personal half day so that I could go with her to class. We also brought Jillian along for support. Olivia did great she loved coloring in the classroom. I think seeing Mrs. Foulds and Mrs. Lee again took some of the nerves away.

We had to remind Jillian that it is Olivia’s class now and to let her take the lead. Overall it was a successful meet and greet day!

After her first official day without parents, Olivia was so proud that she didn’t have an accident. I’m sure that she is going to have a great year and absolutely love preschool as much as Jillian did!

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Jillian’s First Soccer Game

Today was Jillian’s first soccer game. It was also Adrian’s first game as coach.  The girls did surprisingly well for their age! I thought that Jillian might be a flower picker or cloud gazer but she wasn’t. She really did get in there and even helped get the ball to goal on several occasions. She did fall and start crying but overall she had a great time! Adrian did great too!



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