Elf on the Shelf Returns

Sparkle has returned from the North Pole. She brought back a letter from Santa Claus letting the girls know that he is watching. Santa pointed out some things he would like to see the girls work on this year 🙂 Fingers crossed they listen to Santa!!


Letter from SC

Letterhead from Santa, click here 


I am THANKFUL for my family!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year. Claire turned 6 months old and is now eating yams! She loves them as long as you catch her at the right time (not too hungry, not too full).

This year I cooked all of the side dishes (minus my uncle’s cream peas). The Turkey we bought from Gelson’s pre-cooked. I wasn’t confident enough to tackle that one on just yet. From Monday to Thursday I  think I went to the grocery store eight times!! I kept forgetting small things or I would think we had something when we did not. The worst trip was on Thanksgiving itself, I needed small pans to fit in the chafing dish, the parking lot was crazy, there was even a car crash! Yikes! I was very cautious when I drove out of the parking lot, I didn’t want to get hit by a crazy holiday shopper.

Overall the dinner itself went great. I was proud of myself because everything was yummy 🙂

It was so nice to sit down with the family for dinner. It was great seeing Jason, since he is so busy we don’t see him that often. The girls love it when he comes around. Since we were all together, we took some family photos 🙂

_MG_4793 _MG_4817 _MG_4819 _MG_4843_MG_4849 _MG_4862 _MG_4868 _MG_4877 _MG_4886 _MG_4890 Longo-Barnes Papa-and-Nona

Wordless Wednesday


Baby Claire is 5 months old!

Time is zooming by and Claire is developing rapidly! At 5 months old Claire is rolling around like crazy. My mom had to baby gate our living room area because she moves across the floor at an incredible rate. She is even pushing her self up and propelling her self towards toys. Everything goes into her mouth, we’re going to have to be on high alert with this one! She has a very strong voice and wants to be heard. She babbles, laughs, and screams to be heard (screaming = a happy shriek). She loves playing in her bouncer, laughing as she bounces. My mom caught her on video laughing and bouncing 🙂

_MG_4074 _MG_4102 _MG_4109 _MG_4110 _MG_4113 _MG_4087 _MG_4093 _MG_4121


Jillian’s kindergarten teacher has a subcription to a program called Raz-Kids. This is so fabulous for Jillian! She is able to listen to and then read books at her reading level. She takes a little quiz at the end to get more books added to her list. I love it when technology is used to take learning one step further! I’m hoping to get this program for my class next year!


I love this picture of Jillian!!