New Year’s Eve

It’s a good thing New Year’s comes so soon after Christmas, Jillian was having holiday withdrawals. The end of the Christmas season can seem a bit abrupt to a little kid! There was so much building up to the 25th and then it just stops!

We had a fun day playing in the backyard! I had gone to the store earlier for lunch supplies and came home with some party hats and noise makers. The girls had a lot of fun with them… I got a little tired of the noise makers but I couldn’t complain because I brought them home.

In the evening, Adrian and I took Olivia to see the Disney movie Frozen. We decided not to take Jillian because she has a really hard time with movies that could be scary or have socially emotional parts. I think we made the right decision on this one… the wolves and the snow monster were a bit scary,  Olivia had to sit on Adrian’s lap. I think she would have had a harder time with the sisters fighting. Jillian has high levels of empathy and things like this really bother her.  I LOVED the movie. I thought the writers did a great job making the princesses strong and independent. I love that they poke fun of  the princess for  (Spoiler Alert) getting engaged after just meeting the guy!

After the movie we met up with my parents who had Jillian and Claire. The daughter of my mom’s friend has a beach house (an on the sand beach house) so we went their for the rest of the night. We were really hesitant to go, we thought we might just grab the girls and go home and spend New Year’s quietly at our house, but when we arrived Jillian was having too much fun! She was playing hide and go seek with the other kids who were about her age. Olivia had already fallen asleep by the time we arrived so she was out. When the ball dropped at midnight, only Jillian was awake to celebrate with me and Adrian (and the others at the party of course) .  We left the party by 12:15 haha we were tired and Jillian was done and ready to sleep. It only took her 2 minutes in the ride home to fall asleep. Overall it was a nice way to send off 2013 and welcome 2014.

IMG_0546 IMG_0547 IMG_0559 IMG_0563 IMG_0568 IMG_0576 IMG_0584 IMG_0585

Jillian’s Party

This girls have been having a blast with their Christmas gifts. Last night the girls decided they wanted to put on parties 🙂 they made invitations, clean their room, and created sign in sheets.

Here is my invitation:


This is Jillian’s To-Do list
1. Party tomorrow at 8:00
2. Do some exercise
3. Go to the beach
4. We will do all of this stuff



Here is Jillian’s door with her signs. She even brought out their bench for a sign in table.
1. Party information. No water please
2. Sign up here
3. She created a sign in sheet, she even used handwriting without tears double lines 🙂


The party consisted of the girls dancing. Then we played find the pony. Next we played hot potato with the pony. After that was over, we went outside to play find Rainbow Dash. The girls had placed all of their Rainbow Dash ponies around the back yard.

We played outside for a bit then had lunch. After lunch, the big girls and I went to the beach. Adrian stayed home with Claire.

The beach was absolutely lovely. We had one of Jason’s friend’s Niguel Shore’s keys so we were able to park right by the beach using their private access. The weather was perfect and the girls enjoyed playing in the sand. We stayed for an hour before returning home.










Christmas 2013








This was such a fun Christmas! Both of the girls were at such a fun age! They were so excited in the morning. I was shocked how good they were, waiting  for all of us to wake up to go downstairs. They were both dressed in their party dresses when we woke up! Talk about being there and ready! haha ! They were so thrilled to see what Santa had brought them! They really liked the stocking stuffer portion… tons of small My Little Pony toys. Claire enjoyed her new toys as well.

We were so efficient this year when cleaning up paper and ribbons because Claire is a magnet to all things dangerous. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING goes into her mouth! We have to be so diligent, we even sectioned off the living room to corral her in to keep her safe. She now has a wonderful area to crawl around and play without fear of eating small things. You’ll notice in the photos it is a nice fluffy white rug, we call it the “cloud”.

We had a yummy breakfast of sausage/egg casserole, french toast casserole, and bacon. After breakfast the Barnes Crew traveled to Grandma and Grandpa Barnes’ house for more Christmas fun. They really splurged on the girls! The girls most likely own every My Little Pony toy out there… including large Build A Bear Ponies. I was really bad about taking photos this year. I think it may have something to do with having 3 little ones to run around after! haha I have to get Adrian to start taking more photos… or have people just send me theirs!!

We ended Christmas day back at our house with my parents , brothers and my aunt and uncle. It was a very casual and relaxed Christmas Dinner this year.  Even still, we were exhausted by the end of the night!

_MG_5346 _MG_5347 _MG_5348 _MG_5351 _MG_5360

Good Bye Sparkle

Sparkle’s time at our came to an end tonight. She returned to the North Pole with Santa. We had so much fun having her for the month of December! We look forward to her return next year!

Sparkle left the girls a goodbye card.





Christmas Eve 2013

_MG_5298 _MG_5302 _MG_5307 _MG_5310


At work I participated in the Secret Snowman activity, where we exchange gifts with other teachers. My final gift came in this AMAZING basket! When I saw it I knew I just had to get a picture of Claire in the basket in front of the tree. This was a bit tricky but after 100 shots on rapid fire, I am thrilled with the results!

Christmas Eve was really nice. We stayed home and prepared treats for Christmas day. They girls played around the house, full of anticipation. That evening we went to the big Longo Family Christmas Party! It gets bigger every year! Jillian and Olivia had a great time because there were a bunch of other kids near their age running around, and of course cousin Gianna was there! They absolutely adore her!

I thought for sure they would fall asleep in the car, but nope, they waited until they were tucked in their beds to fall asleep! Adrian and I enjoyed a no-set-up Christmas Eve 😉

Elf day 24

Sparkle decorated the girls’ nails 🙂


Jillian the sign maker

I love how much Jillian has learned this year! She is starting to use her sounds to write words. This lovely gem was taped outside their door. I’ll translate it for you 🙂


The main sign in the middle here says “this is Jillian and Olivia’s room”


This next portion is too keep Sam out. It reads “Never Sam. We love him, ‘him’ just stinks”


The last part was a bit hard to read so we had to get Jillian to translate… She had some difficulty too but we figured it out. It says, ” But Olivia’s name starts with an O”


Elf day 23


Elf day 22