I’m so excited because Jillian is old enough to be able to sit through the puzzle process. Olivia is not quite there yet, but she helped. The deer one was just for me 🙂 I did it after the girls completed theirs. It was  a nice two day project for me.

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Elicia’s Wedding

My friend Elica got married today! I’m so very happy for her!! She was such a beautiful bride, and just glowing with happiness.

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Mommy and Olivia Date Night


Adrian and Jillian had their Native Nation’s (Indian Princess) meeting tonight, so I asked my mom to watch Claire and Olivia and I went to Disneyland! We had a blast with just the two of us! It was so easy to go from ride to ride only having to worry about one child! Unfortunately for me, Olivia loves the rides that go in circles. My head was spinning by the end of the night. The photos are from Dumbo and the Carousel in California Adventure. IMG_0649 IMG_0651

Owl hat



My First Drag Show

My friend invited me to see a Drag show with one of her long time friends. Lacey managed to put together a group of girls who had never been to a show before, and Anthony was our guide. It was such a fun experience, definitely not a world I see on a daily basis! The performers were amazing! One even did a cartwheel in heals and the other did the splits on stage! Crazy! The performers also walked around the bar after the show so we got a picture with Candis Cayne.  I had such a blast, I would for sure go again if the opportunity arrises.

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Golf Date with Adrian


Adrian finally got me to go to golf lessons today! I was surprised that it wasn’t too hard. Granted I am no where near ready to go golfing on a course, but am am confident enough to at least go to the diving range with Adrian. After our lessons we went out for a great sushi dinner, then headed to the park where Adrian proposed and we watched the sunset. It was  a fantastic date day!

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Wordless Wednesday – Happy New Year!

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