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Valentine’s Day

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Happy Birthday Adrian

This year we didn’t do anything too special for Adrian. My parents took the big girls to big bear for the weekend, so that was a great gift! We then had Adrian’s mom babysit on Sunday so we could go to Adrian’s favorite place, The Boiling Crab. Afterwards we stopped off at a ice cream parlor Adrian went to as a child. YUM, I wish it were closer to our house!  On his actual birthday (Monday) we made tacos and  lemon cake. I felt bad not planning any thing else for Adrian but he wasn’t feeling the greatest so small worked out best! We’ll try to go bigger next year.


Olivia is 4 years old today!




What a whirlwind these past four years have been. Olivia is growing up so fast! She has an amazing personality and I am so proud of her! She still loves the color purple, I think this will stick with her for a while. She is currently obsessed with My Little Pony. This is currently the only tv show that they watch.

For her birthday, Olivia wanted a party. This was surprising to me because she is so shy and doesn’t like to be the center of attention. So we threw together a birthday party with a few of the girls from Olivia’s preschool on Saturday. (Her actual birthday is Super Bowl Sunday).   Three little girls came to the party, making this the quietest party we have ever thrown. Olivia had the best time. I’ve never seen her talk to other kids as much as she did today. I think being in her own domain made her more comfortable. Can you guess the theme of the party? Haha of course it had to be My Little Pony! We went to Party City and filled up on MLP items. Then perusing Pinterest brought me to Hasbro’s website for blank ponies. I got one for each of the girls. They had  a lot of fun decorating their ponies. (They were a little frightening after the girls colored them, but how cool is it to have your own pony!)  The piñata was impossible to break, haha 5  little girls just couldn’t do it. Adrian had to tear it  in half. We made rainbow cupcakes for Rainbow Dash. I have to say that these are my favorite cupcakes to make, they are just so pretty!

For Olivia’s actual birthday she wants to go mini-golfing in the morning. My parents are having a Super Bowl party later in the day, we’ll probably tell her it’s a second birthday party 🙂

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