Beautiful Flower Girls for a Beautiful Wedding!

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Last Day of Kindergarten!

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yum …


Happy Father’s Day!


Jillian’s Birthday and Kinder graduation

So first off, I have been really bad about taking pictures, so today’s post is sadly limited.

Jillian’s birthday today was again a Friday 🙂 She was born on a Friday so we look at Friday the 13th as a lucky day! Today at school the Child Development Center, where she spends her mornings before kindergarten, had a cute graduation ceremony. They sang a parody of Dynamite making a clean version substituting graduate for dynamite.

My lucky Friday the 13th treat was that their graduation presentation was during my lunch! It was perfect, I was able to go and watch the presentation then go back to my class. It was super cute and so fortunate that Jillian was in the front row and I found a seat in the front row 🙂 I got some fun pictures! Since I had to leave I missed out on their certificate portion, but one of the other mom’s snapped a picture and sent it along for me.

After school we celebrated Jillian’s birthday with a fun little party at our house. Miss Erna, Jillian’s art teacher, was able to come to our house and lead a mini art lesson for the girls. We had a small group of girls come, many canceled. Which actually worked out because it was the perfect number of girls… EVEN! haha

Cupcakes were simple for her birthday… just cupcakes with frosting…. I know sad… but they were yummy.

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