On Halloween we traveled to Irvine to Trick or Treat with some friends.

I have never seen so many trick or treaters walking around! The residents did not sit in their houses to wait for doorbells. They each set up tables and chairs outside in front of their garages. Each house seemed to have a party going on while we traveled in mass amounts of people from one house to another. At one point Jillian got bonked in the the head by someone passing by. Overall it was a very fun night and the girls enjoyed their bag full of candy!





Why hello there…

IMG_2306 IMG_2307 IMG_2308

Pumpkin Carving













Family Photoshoot

What an ordeal this one was! haha we decided to have Adrian’s Aunt take our photos down in San Diego. We were to meet at a park near the San Diego Zoo at 1:00.

We left our house with plenty of time to get down there, have a nice lunch, and make it to the park.

The freeway decided otherwise. There was an overturned military vehicle on the freeway and we were in traffic for what seemed forever. We made it down to San Diego at about 12:40, no time for lunch. We did a hasty McDonald’s run for the girls and figured we could eat later. haha we were shoving chicken nuggets at the girls while looking for parking. Which was our next adventure. Apparently the weekend we chose was a big one and everyone was there. No parking at all!

Stacy had us relocate to the park near her house. In the short 15 minute drive, Claire fell asleep. We woke her up and needless to say… it was not an easy shoot.

I’m so thankful that we were actually able to get some good pictures.
3 girls better smile2







family candid2


Pumpkin Picking :)

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Sisters hanging out


Date Night at the Improv

We were able to sneak out tonight to go to the late show at the Improv! We saw Jay Mahr and had a great night laughing!


3 months 29 days


Carousel Ride