Claire and Dash

Our princess and her puppy prince

Happy Valentine’s Day

The girls and I made a loaf cake and chocolate covered strawberries

Adrian is 34

Angie Angie

The girls just love their great aunt Angie. They call her “Angie Angie” instead out auntie Angie

Night out

Sometimes we all just need a girls night out! I had a ton of fun hanging out with friends in LA!


My three wonderful girls! I hope they stay forever friends!

Family Trip pt 2: Vegas

We stopped in Vegas for one night to break up our drive to Arizona. After arriving in Vegas, we went out for dinner and tried to hunt down something to do with the girls in a city that isn’t meant to have kids wandering around. We started searching for Kung Fu Panda’s Christmas adventures. When we found it, the line was outrageous and the price was ridiculous so we moved on. Adrian and I decided to take the girls to see the Bellagio water show. We didn’t quite make it, but we did see the Mirage Volcano Show. Jillian loved it and Claire hated it. haha Olivia right in the middle.

The next mornign we went to breakfast and then were trying to figure out how to fill the time, when Adrian remembered the time difference in Arizona. If we didn’t get on the road ASAP we would miss our check in time for the train ride in Williams, AZ. So we packed up quickly and got on the road. 

Pokemon Birthday Party

Olivia’s 6th Birthday