New Year’s Eve 2016

This year we drove down to spend New Year’s Eve with the Estradas! We had a blast playing games and having a glow party! Claire fell asleep on the drive down, so she missed all of the party, which is OK, she is only 3 after all!

IMG_0047 IMG_0044 IMG_0042

Winter in Big Bear

There is actual snow this year! We drove up the day after Christmas and stayed 3 days. I wasn’t feeling well, morning sickness, so I spent most of the time indoors. The girls loved being in the cabin and didn’t go outside in the snow much, probably because Adrian was technically working from home those day and I wasn’t feeling well. So our homebody kids didn’t have anyone pushing them outside. haha

No clue which child this is… maybe Olivia

IMG_0032 IMG_0030

Claire didn’t make it in. Olivia didn’t make it in, she’s the little fox hat. IMG_0037 IMG_0036Jillian loved the frost on the plants

Merry Christmas

Once again I suck at documenting our lives with photos! haha here is one of Claire with her new kitchen from Santa.


Christmas Eve

It’s a busy time of the year, but I was able to remember to take one picture! haha


It’s Christmas time

IMG_0015I got to go to Claire’s school today for their gingerbread house decorating and singing performance 🙂


Today was also Olivia’s singing performance at school too.

I was so glad that my winter break was one week different from the girls so I could attend all their special events!

Wordless Wednesday


Making cookies with Nona


Gingerbread House Party 2016

Our annual gingerbread house party happened today. We had a ton of new faces join our party this year. Both Jillian and Olivia had friends join from school. I learned that 3rd grade parents just drop off, next year I will explain this is not a drop off party, parents need to supervise.

Family Trip pt 4: Bearizona and Grand Canyon

For our final day of our trip we decided to check out a couple extra things before heading out for the 8 hour drive home. Our first stop was Bearizona. It was the most memorable part of our trip! This is a drive through zoo. We were able to see bears, wolves, deer, and other forest animals wandering around our car. After the drive through zoo, we did the walking part. The girls were thrilled to see live goats, since they’ve been playing an ipad game called goat simulator. Olivia was also super excited to see a white fox. 

After our Bearizona trip, we decided to take the detour to the Grand Canyon, since I’ve never seen it. It was amazing! You never really get the full grandeur of the grand canyon from pictures. This was truly an amazing sight! Jillian was terrified and didn’t want to get close to see the edge, but that is ok… I was a bit nervous the whole time thinking about watching the children 🙂


Family Trip pt 3: Polar Express

Our ultimate destination for our trip was the Polar Express Train in Williams, Arizona. It was super cute, everyone was in PJs. On the train there was singing, hot cocoa, and cookies. We took a magic portal to the North Pole. Jillian was disappointed  that we didn’t get out at the North Pole, but Santa did join us on the train. He stopped and talked to every child on the train, giving them a silver bell. Claire loved it the most! Jillian and Olivia were a bit sceptical afterwards. Also my camera died and these are the only photos I was able to get.