I finally gave in and made slime with the girls. We went for “fluffy slime” which includes shaving cream. I also learned that not all glues are created equal, so even though Hobby Lobby put the glitter glue under the slime sign, doesn’t mean it would work! We used up all of our backup glue to get Jillian’s and Claire’s to turn out. Olivia didn’t want glitter and hers formed instantly. It’s funny because Jillian was the one asking for slime for months, and Olivia has been the one to play with it the most.

Age at time of posting

Jillian at 9 years, 0 months and 1 days old

Olivia at 7 years, 4 months and 12 days old

Claire at 4 years, 0 months and 16 days old

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