Sleepover Birthday Party…. I must be crazy

I am almost in my third trimester of this pregnancy and I have agreed to let Jillian have a sleepover! Yes I am a little crazy! I kept the guest list small… even though Jillian invited an extra person not on the original list, it worked out because only 3 girls could show up. To top off my crazy, I caught a summer cold, yay me!  We set up the tent for the girls to sleep in. Overall the party was a success. Adrian only had to talk to them once about keeping the noise down. In the morning Adrian made pancakes for the girls and everyone was happy. I was exhausted but it turned out ok! One thing that this party did was remind us that we are going to have 4 girls! WOW!! Haha lots and lots of estrogen in this household.

Age at time of posting

Jillian at 9 years, 0 months and 3 days old

Olivia at 7 years, 4 months and 14 days old

Claire at 4 years, 0 months and 18 days old

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