I thought it would be fun for me to write down some of the funny thingsthe girls say.


“Sam’s kind” (2 years)
“Sun’s awake” (2 years)
“I want to go somewhere else” (2.5 years)
“I got a bandie” (band-aide) (2.5 years)

“I’m getting big right now” In response to talking about Olivia getting bigger. (2.5 years)

“I’m naked!” (2.5 years)

“I’m just kidding you” (2.5 years)

“It’s so cute” (2.5 years)

“I went poo poo daddy, a BIG poo poo… It looks like a cow… it’s so cute.” (2.75 years)

“I’m a girl. I get hair cuts. Sammy’s a boy, he doesn’t like hair cuts.” (2.75 years)

“I don’t want it; it’s too perfect” (3.0 years)

“I put it in my guinea pig” (3.0 years –  putting money into a piggy bank)

“toe food” – (3.25 years – tofu)

“Mom, get it with your big hand”  (3.25 years – trying to hand me something in the car)

“I love the roaster coaster”  (3.25 years – roller coaster in Toon Town, Disneyland)

“Angie Angie” (3.5 years – Auntie Angie)

“It’s so scary, I’m hungry” (3.75 years on April 4, 2012)

“Where did that come from?” (5 years- in response to Adrian hitting the curb)


“Aish!” This is Olivia imitating Adrian’s sneezes, very cute. (15 months)

“gi-gi”  How Olivia says Jillian (17 months)

“Me Pig” in reference to the cartoon pig Olivia (23 months)

“Mom, I need the iPad” (2 years 2 months)

“What’s a concert?” (2 years 3  months- repeated question, even when the answer is given)

“Let me tell you something.” (2 years 3 months)

“Wiggle yo head” (2 years 10 months)

“Are you kidding me right now?” (2 years 11 months)


Hands on hips, wearing a crown “Bow down before you talk to me” (3 years 9 months)




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